What is permaculture?

„ Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments“
(Bill Mollison, 1981)

Permaculture is a philosophy whose roots date back to the 19th century. Today, it is applied not only in the field of agriculture, but also in the design of social structures, landscape planning, architecture, urban planning, and energy supply systems. The term permaculture is a contraction of the words permanent and agriculture.

From nature to culture

Permaculture is based on the diverse, complex and productive interrelationships and patterns found in nature and tries to develop practicable and durable solutions for the agricultural use of land. It always takes a long-term perspective and makes use of specific local conditions.

Ecological and economical

Permaculture systems are characterized by their resilience and sustainability, as well as an economic viability that is aligned with active climate protection and the promotion of biodiversity.

Cultivating your land means accepting its limitations

Permaculture approaches counter the natural limitation of land through diversification, the multiple use of a single area to ensure the stability of a system. Each individual farm element fulfills several important tasks, and each important task is secured by several farm elements. Hence, the whole system is closely interrelated and can cope with a partial or even complete failure of one branch of production.

Transferring from nature to culture

The planning and maintenance of permaculture-based cultivation are based on the complex interrelations of natural systems. Material, water and energy cycles can be optimized with relatively little input. 

Optimization instead of maximization

The more mature and elaborate a system is, the greater the potential that opens up. The aim is to create resilient and livable cultural landscapes, to cultivate the land in an ecologically responsible way and, by doing so, to promote biodiversity.


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