Josef Andreas Holzer

Josef is a farmer and forester; he is an expert in the fields of permaculture, animal keeping, agroforestry, aquaculture, arable farming, humus cultivation, and water management. Since he took over the farm in 2009, Josef has been responsible for the development of the Krameterhof farm, a world-renowned permaculture showcase project. Josef designs innovative permaculture concepts in his home country and abroad, offering consultancy services for agricultural businesses and cooperating with a close network of professionals who can also help you realize your ideas.

Tom is a specialist in technical geology and, as the managing director of Holzer Permaculture Solutions (Ltd.), is responsible for the commercial concerns of our company. He has been awarded the title of European Geologist and is also the managing director of GEO Unterweissacher (Ltd.), our partner company for all engineering tasks.

DI Dr. Thomas Unterweissacher

DI Dr. Oliver Krische

Oliver is a geologist, forester and our specialist in sedimentology, structural geology, hydrogeology and soil science.
Oliver is an expert in water retention, pond construction and risk evaluation.
He also shares his wide range of knowledge in workshops and training courses at the Krameterhof farm.

Andreas is your contact person in our office for permaculture consultancy and planning. He is responsible for the fields of communication and development within our company. Trained as a journalist and radio producer, he is also a certified nature guide and soil practitioner. Andreas successfully completed Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Design Course in 2009 as well as the permaculture practitioner training course at Krameterhof in 2010.

Andreas Schindler

Richard Mahringer

Richard’s expertise encompasses the topics of permaculture, vegetable cultivation, urban gardening, plant reproduction, fruit tree grafting, tree pruning, soil improvement and composting.
Richard graduated from an agricultural high school and imparts his knoweldge at workshops and training courses at Krameterhof.


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