Water harvesting – soil building – promotion of biodiversity

Under the direction of Josef A. Holzer, Holzer Permaculture Solutions offers permaculture-based ideas and concepts to solve your particular problems.

Our expertise covers holistic land cultivation and use. In our work as consultants we pay special attention to soil fertility, the water balance and the promotion of biodiversity.

Decades of practical experience in the field of permaculture allow us to recognize the natural potential of a plot of land and to make it practicable for our clients.

About us

We are a small, but experienced and well-organized team.
Permaculture is our specialty; our area of expertise is the socially and ecologically responsible handling of natural resources.

All the individuals, businesses and communities working with us are looking for intelligent, resource-saving and environmentally-friendly solutions for their land.

Expertise in permaculture

We are living proof that a rewarding cultivation work in close partnership with nature is possible if humankind orients itself towards the complex interrelations and patterns of natural systems. This orientation helps to create and optimize matter, water and energy cycles with comparatively little input.

Forward-looking solutions

Based on an individual and detailed analysis, we develop practical solutions that are ecologically and economically reasonable and that sustainably promote diversity, resilience and productivity.

Consultancy, planning, realization

Our team has international experience and will be your partner from the moment of the initial concept to the professional planning and realization of your project.

Please contact us if you are looking for solutions that work.


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