We at Krameterhof farm in Salzburg’s Lungau region want to show you what is possible when you make full use of the complexity, diversity, and productivity of nature.

We are living proof that there are alternatives to the agricultural pabulum and that treating nature and its resources in a responsible way can only be beneficial.

The Krameterhof farm has achieved international recognition through various book releases, media reports and documentary films. It is seen as a showcase permaculture project characterized by its diversity, complexity and size. For years now, the Krameterhof farm has been an attraction and a destination for farming specialists and experts and nature lovers alike.

Nature leads to culture

Once natural processes and cycles are understood, it is possible to take advantage of Mother Nature and transfer the inputs that she kindly provides into agriculture. In this way, it is possible to create long-lasting systems that combine diversity, stability and resilience, features we see with natural ecosystems.

Expertise by experience

At Krameterhof farm, we have been practicing an adventurous approach to growing and breeding and continuously developing our farm for decades. We are happy to share the invaluable experiences we have had in Lungau as well as in many different places of the world. Useful information can be found on our website, through seminars and guided day tours, as well as via Holzer Permaculture Solutions Ltd., our consultancy company.


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